DUADRUM was formed in 2014 in jakarta,indonesia. and was formed by 2 talented young drummers, yandi andaputra and yoiqball.DUADRUM is the first band in indonesia that had a concept of two drummers with a very unique and eye catching drum setup,such as one drum played by two people.

The music concept which is very strong in funk and rock added with a very groovy sound synthetizer and rhtym make DUADRUM’s music sounds energetic, fresh and very entertaining on stage. DUADRUM starts being known in Indonesia from being active in social media, since they often to make video collaborations with famous musicians in indonesia in youtube.

People of indonesia got more excited with DUADRUM, even other medias such as tv,radio and primed magazines start to cover DUADRUM’s progress. The album “BERGERAK” is debut album which was released on july 21th 2016, that contains nine songs and collaborates with
young musician from indonesia.

The message from this album is to pursuade people to be more energetic,spread positive energy,always creating something, and do their best.